Leonel Romeo Cazaco
Innocent French Citizen in an American Prison

Léonel Romeo Cazaco - Citoyen Français Innocent
dans une Prison Américaine
(pour français cliquez ici)

Photo of Léonel (Leonel) Romeo Cazaco with special friend and child

Léonel Romeo Cazaco, citizen of France,
here with his child and a friend of the family

This web page is dedicated to the eventual freedom of Leonel (Léonel) Romeo Cazaco, citizen of France, completely innocent, and yet sentenced to life in prison by the corrupt USA legal system.

Back in 1997, young French Citizen Leonel Cazaco was sentenced by racist US officials and judges, on a trumped and false accusation of murder - even though someone else had already confessed to the crime!

Now, more than ten years later, the innocent and gentle French Muslim Léonel Cazaco still waits for justice from the horrifying USA legal system.
Details below.

You can write a letter or e-mail to help get innocent Léonel Cazaco released from prison.

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"A man's freedom is his greatest possession, and to lose it, is to lose life itself." - Leonel Cazaco

Yes - the USA federal courts sentenced innocent French citizen Léonel Cazaco to life in prison, even though SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY CONFESSED to the murder of which he was accused!

In the USA, lawyers and judges and police do not like to admit they arrested and jailed the wrong man, after they have quickly arrested an innocent black man so as to pretend they have 'solved' a murder. US prosecutors and police try to hide their mistakes, even if that means destroying innocent people. So, in 1997, the US judges held a fraudulent trial to send the innocent French citizen Léonel Cazaco to life in prison, even though they all KNEW he was INNOCENT.

Léonel Cazaco, a French citizen, a black man and a Muslim, was railroaded in the courtroom run by the notoriously corrupt and racist Virginia Federal Judge Robert E. Payne, maybe the worst federal judge in the entire USA. Judge Payne has long been publicly denounced for arrogance and corruption, and Judge Robert Payne is quoted in US court filings as declaring himself a follower of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Robert Payne was appointed to be a federal judge by the first US President Bush. With the second President Bush leaving office, Judge Payne faces impeachment, indictment and prison for his role in crimes of court fraud and perjury, which Payne committed in service to
the family of President George Bush and to the Bush political financier Patricia Cornwell.

Judge Robert Payne is particularly known for staging fake and fraudulent US 'trials', just like under Joseph Stalin. Judge Payne appoints dishonest 'lawyers' who pretend to represent the victim, while the lawyers are actually working for Payne himself and for the US government.

This was true in Judge Robert Payne's instant banning of speech of US dissident journalist Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, where Judge Payne's instant banning allowed the friends of Judge Payne to threaten to torture Sachs to death, and forced Sachs to take political refuge of Europe. Before Judge Payne's fake 'trial' of the political dissident Sachs, Judge Payne was already practiced in the technique of conducting fraudulent proceedings, and one of Judge Payne's worst victims is Frenchman Léonel Cazaco.

The fake trial of Léonel Cazaco that took place in Judge Payne's courtroom, was in clear violation of international law, as the government of France was not even notified that their citizen Léonel faced trial and death sentence under Judge Payne's grim power.

The purpose of jailing the innocent Cazaco, was partly to build the political careers of the prosecutors attacking him, and partly it was perverted 'racist' fun by Judge Payne and other racist Virginians, in attacking a young black man who was also a foreign citizen from France.

The trial of Leonel Cazaco was a complete sham and fraud. The racist monster Judge Payne assigned "lawyers" to Monsieur Cazaco that not only hid from the court record, the fact that someone else had already confessed to the murder - these "lawyers" Judge Payne had assigned, even hid this information from Mr Cazaco himself while the fake trial was underway.

In light of the fact that Mr Cazaco was completely innocent, Judge Payne sentenced French citizen Leonel Cazaco to life in prison instead of to the death chamber. The large group of Virginia racists led by federal Judge Payne, assisted by corrupt lawyers and racist Virginia media, went ahead with convicting Mr Cazaco, even though everyone knew he was innocent.

Monsieur Léonel Cazaco remains in prison, though court filings have made his innocence more clear than ever. The US government, its corrupt judges and the Bush regime, do not want to expose yet another example of corruption in the US legal system, and so they are willing to let the innocent French citizen Léonel Romeo Cazaco, to stay and languish in jail for the rest of his life.

You can write a letter or send an e-mail to help get the innocent Leonel Cazaco out of the American prisons

Leonel Cazaco has now spent more than ten years in the American gulag prison system. The innocent Léonel Romeo Cazaco is now in United States federal prison in Florence, Colorado, and he welcomes correspondence. His address is:

Léonel Romeo Cazaco
No. 00134-748
FCI Florence
PO Box 6000
Florence CO 81226-6000

To help in the release of the innocent Leonel Cazaco from prison, please contact the Embassy of France to the United States, or the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles (which covers the Colorado prison where Léonel is located), and thank them for the efforts they are making to save Leonel Romeo Cazaco from the American prisons.

Please politely request the Embassy and Consulate to continue to use their good offices and influence, to ask for an expanded US inquiry into the misconduct of Judge Payne's courtroom, and for a new trial for Leonel Cazaco, a new trial where the real facts can be presented and he can win his freedom.

The French official most directly with Leonel's case is Madame Mercédès Mira at the Los Angeles consulate. Here is the contact information for Madame Mira and for the French Consulate and Embassy:

Mercédès Mira
Chargée des Affaires Sociales
Consulat Général de France à Los Angeles
10390 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 410

Los Angeles CA 90025-6915
Tel. (+1) (310) 235-3214
(+1) (310) 479-4813

Click here to e-mail
the French Consulate in Los Angeles

David Martinon
Consul Général de France à Los Angeles
Consulat Général de France à Los Angeles
10390 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 410
Los Angeles CA 90025-6915
Tel. (+1) (310) 235-3200
(+1) (310) 479-4813

E-mail for the French Consulate in Los Angeles

Son Excellence Pierre Vimont

Ambassade de France aux États-Unis
4101 Reservoir Road NW
Washington DC 20007-2130
Tel. (+1) (202) 944-6000
Fax: (+1) (202) 944-6166

French Embassy e-mail for Questions

French Embassy e-mail for Comments

Thank you for your encouragement to the French government and officials in the United States.

Your support may help win this innocent Frenchman his freedom!

For more detailed background and analysis of the corruption of the US legal system, how and why the US judges can allow an innocent French citizen to rot in US jails, see the FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption.

And see here for some of the other Innocent Europeans in U.S. Prisons.

This web page is created and maintained by Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs), political refugee from the US in Europe. Dr Sachs is another victim of the corrupt Judge Robert Payne, in Judge Payne's crimes involved with Patricia Cornwell. In relation to those crimes,
Judge Robert Payne is facing trial in Europe on charges of court fraud, threats of political assassination, and being a party to terrorist crimes across international borders.

Judge Payne should indeed be indicted and imprisoned, but above all, the innocent Léonel Romeo Cazaco should be released from prison.